New costume added: Elf Queen Aelsa

Added Aelsa to my portfolio! Click below!

Queen Aelsa

MidSouthCon Schedule!

It’s been too long, I’m ready to go to a con!!!!


I’ll be at MidSouthCon March 20-22! Here’s my panel schedule:
Friday 9pm: Wigs & Make-up
Saturday 9am: Costuming Showcase and Q&A
Saturday 1pm: Competition Costuming

I’m sooo pleased with this schedule. Friday late night panel gives me plenty of time to leave work, eat, get in costume and get there without feeling rushed. The break in between the saturday schedules gives me time to run home and change costumes!

The graphic above is only a vague idea of what costumes I want to wear.
The great thing about MidSouthcon is that I can easily drive there from home (it’s like 10 minutes away), so I can wear pretty much anything I can get into the car so I have a ton of choices.
The awful thing about MidSouthcon is that I can easily drive there from home (it’s like 10 minutes away), so I can’t make up my mind about anything I want to wear because I have too many choices.

I’m pretty much definitely going to wear Anne. I’d like to use my scraps of fabric and make a french hood to wear with it instead of the crown, but we’ll see if I can get my lazy butt off the couch to do that.
I’d like to wear Romana, I’ll have to fix some of the lines of feathers on the cape but that won’t take long. Maybe I can convince Chase to bring K-9?
I’m thinking about Meg. The dress and wig need some TLC and tweaks but nothing TOO major… but I think I may wear Belle instead. This is going to be one of those things that I’m going to decide the morning of, which I feel more like wearing.

Anyway. Yay! Con!

2014 Year in Review

It’s that time of year!! Time to look back at what I accomplished and what I… didn’t accomplish.

So last year, I said I was going to make…
1. Willow – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Nope. Even though this would have been easy I just never got to it.

2. Johanna’s Interview Dress – Catching Fire

Johanna Mason

3. She-Ra
No :(

4. Donna Noble – Partners in Crime
Well, I kinda did this. I had everything together for it and ended up not liking how the suit pants were fitting. So I never wore it; I’ll have to find new pants first.

5. Romana II – Destiny of the Daleks

6. Catelyn Stark

7. Tonks

8. Elsa
I started on it, but didn’t get very far. I had plans to finish it up after Dragoncon, but still haven’t touched it.


So… that was pretty bad. Only 1 done and 2 “kindas.”

So what else did I do besides Elsa?

1. Megara


This one has been on my “want” list since 2004 – I was going to do it for Halloween 2004 but switched to Leia at the last minute. So I think that counts as marking one off the list, even if it wasn’t on 2014’s list originally.

2. Rogue as Ms Marvel

Rogue as Ms Marvel

As soon as I saw this concept art I wanted to do it, and decided to go ahead and put it together since I (thought I) still had my pattern pieces from my red and black classic Ms Marvel. Turns out I didn’t have those anymore so I had to remake the pattern, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out anyway.

3. Donna Noble – Unicorn and the Wasp


I did NOT finish this one, but I did start on it, so it counts a bit towards costumes for this year, right?

4. Donna Noble – Fires of Pompeii

Donna Noble

Once I realized I wasn’t going to finish Unicorn & Wasp, I threw this one together. It needs some tweaking before I wear it again.

5. Peggy Carter

Me as Peggy

Thought this would be fun to do. I was right. It was a really fun build and I enjoy wearing it. I made the jacket, skirt and belt – I do need to take the jacket up at some point, but it’s not entirely necessary.

6. Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn

Because I can never have enough Anne Boleyn dresses. The most work of the year went into this costume. Besides the dress, I also did the jewelry and made a new corset for it. (My old Tudor corset was not very good.)

7. Marie Antoinette TARDIS Updates

Marie Antoinette TARDIS

The whole reason I did this was because I wanted to wear it in the Dragoncon parade. And then I decided not to walk in the parade, but I finished it anyway. New hat, underskirt and bustles for the skirt.

9. Marvel Bag


I made a new bag out of some Marvel fabric I had laying around, for Dragoncon. Never switched back again though, still carrying it now.

10. Little girl poncho shawls


Made these for my little cousins just over the past few days. I kinda want one for myself now; there was some pretty black and pink checked wool I saw recently that would be really cute.

2015 Plans?
Thanks to the cosplanner app, I’ve been able to actually keep up with my costume ideas this year, way better than I ever have been able to before!

1. Belle’s Something There Dress – Remake
I got the idea to remake this while working on working on my Re-Upload Project recently – I just went through my 2007 photos of this costume from MTAC that year, and I kept thinking how fun it would be to re-do it, and have a little more fun with the design. Last week I drew up some ideas, and this weekend I scouted some fabric. Hoping to maybe get started on this soon.

2. Finish Unicorn & Wasp Donna Noble
I got a decent start on it this year, I’ll probably take it with me in the car on the way to orlando to work on!

3. Elizabeth
I’d like to do a costume from the 1998 Elizabeth. Not one of the giant elaborate gowns, thinking about her blue dancing dress from the beginning.

4. Janet Snakehole (Parks and Rec)
Just a fun Dragoncon costume.

5. Queen Elinor – Brave
I’m getting too old for Disney Princesses I guess. Time to move on to the queens.

I’ve got a few more ideas kicking around but those are the only ones I feel like sharing at the moment. Top of my list for now, everything is just half-formed ideas…

Upcoming Convention Appearances

I’ll be at Geek Media Expo in Nashville, TN weekend after next!

I’m planning on bringing Rogue as Ms Marvel, Peggy Carter, my Time Lord, Sarah Sanderson, and Glimmer! I have no idea when I’ll be wearing what, but I’m excited for it! We’ve been to every GMX so far and it’s always fun.

Then, I’ll be a guest at Memphis Comic and Fantasy convention in Memphis, TN in November!

And finally, I’ll also be a returning guest at MidSouthCon in Memphis in March 2015!

I haven’t planned out what I’m wearing to MidsouthCon or MCFC yet – I’ll be commuting to the con each day so it’ll depend on my schedule/when I can get back home to change!

(Note: for all 3 cons, I will not be there Friday day. Newish job = not much vacation time to spread around. But I’ll be there as soon as I can in the evenings!)

Halloween and Costume Commissions

Hi everyone,
For those of you coming across my site in search of Halloween costumes to purchase or for help on Halloween costumes, this post is just a gentle reminder that I do not sell my costumes, and I am not open to take commissions for custom costumes at this time (and, due to my relatively new job, I am not sure if I will have time to do commissions again in the future).

I do have one item for sale in my etsy store currently – my Marion Ravenwood pattern pack. It is an instant download you can use to print on heat transfer paper for a quick and easy Marion Ravenwood or Anna Valerious costume.

While I do have a handful of older costumes I’m considering selling soon, including some of my husband’s, I doubt that they will be ready to go before Halloween. (You can always ask me if I’d be willing to sell something – if it’s something I’ve been thinking of parting with we could make something work. But don’t be disappointed if the answer is no. A lot of my costumes are extremely sentimental to me and may never be sold.)

If you’d like help or have questions with your own costume build, I am happy to help! You can leave me a comment on my site, or message me from here or on my facebook page!

You can also check out my tutorials page for posts I’ve made with how I make various costume pieces, and of course I have basic breakdowns and pattern suggestions for everything in my portfolio.

And one more reminder – I do not ever rent my costumes!

Good luck with your costumes and have a safe and happy Halloween!

Dragoncon Updates

Site’s updated with my new Dragoncon costumes and photos!

New costumes added: Johanna, Anne Boleyn, Peggy Carter, Donna Noble and Rogue as Ms Marvel!

Anne Boleyn

Updates to: Megara, Dr Forrester, Marie Antoinette Donna Noble and Shadowcat!

All of our Dragoncon 2014 photos are on my flickr gallery here!

Also updated, the events page with photo links, upcoming con schedule and some general maintenance.

I’m still working on fixing the broken flickr images – it’s a long process!

Final Dragoncon Line-up


Last schedule thoughts:
Friday I will definitely be at the Vintage Vogue Fashion Show, so I’ll be over at the Hilton from 12:30-2:30. If I can manage I’ll try to wear Anne a little longer than that, otherwise I’ll probably be in her again Sunday.
Saturday I’ll be at the USO Girls/WWII shoot at 12:30 as Peggy, and later that night (8-ish) I’ll be in Shadowcat with an 80s X-Men group!
Sunday I’ll be at the Marvel photoshoot as Peggy!

Those are my definite things. I have a few private photoshoots planned for my costumes as well, but actually still (still!) working those out so not sure of days/times yet.

Follow my instagram or twitter for pics and posts! I more than likely won’t be posting here on facebook while we’re gone.

Vintage Vogue Fashion Show

Hey guys! While I still don’t have a decent idea of a costume schedule at Dragoncon, I can tell you one place I’ll be for sure – I’ll be wearing my new Anne Boleyn costume at the Vintage Vogue Fashion Show Friday at 1!

If you like costumes it should be an awesomely fun show to come see!

Broken Photos

I apologize for all the broken photos throughout my blog currently – I’m doing some flickr clean up, so those photos should be fixed soon.
Oftentimes it is only the thumbnail that is broken, so if you click through you should be able to still see the photo.

Dragoncon 2014 Schedule

I can’t believe it’s 2014. This will be my 13th DragonCon. It seems like just yesterday I was getting ready for my first one in 2002.

But, here’s some things I’m thinking of bringing:


It’s already kinda out of date since I made it. Here’s some thoughts and updates.
Anne Boleyn – from “Anne of the Thousand Days.” This is almost finished! Read up on my progress here.
Donna Noble – Doctor Who: Unicorn & the Wasp. I have a rough start on this. Read up on it here.
Peggy Carter – Captain America. Finished except for a few details! See more here.
Elsa – is probably not happening for Dragoncon – will more than likely be pushed back to Halloween.
Johanna – Catching Fire. Started on it much earlier this year but set it aside. Picking it back up soon – progress is here.
Secret Costume is Secret.

“Old”/Returning costumes: Megara (Hercules – with some updates), Marie Antoinette (with some updates), Dr Forrester. Those are the only things I know of for sure. Playing around with other ideas, but haven’t made a decision. Thinking about Donna Noble (Runaway Bride and/or Journey’s End), Trillian, Glimmer, Romana (sans cape), Belle, Wasp, etc.

Schedule? Hahaha. Yeah right.

I have absolutely no solid plans for anything this year so there is no telling where I’ll be or when I’ll be wearing what, honestly. For a planner like me, this is very distressing, but everytime I try….

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