FAQ Friday: Dressforms

Today’s question is…
What kind of dressform do you have?

My dressform’s name is BooBooHead. I don’t know why, for some reason mom and I started calling her that when we first got her.

But I’m guessing you probably didn’t want to know her name. She’s a Prym-Dritz My Double dressform. I got her in 2004. I like her ok (and I apologize in advance for calling it a “her” throughout this post, it feels weird to say “it”).


That being said, would I recommend the brand to other people? Maybe. I don’t really know.
Somewhere along the way the plastic inside got really brittle and started breaking. I can’t adjust the sizes anymore – she’s stuck a little bit smaller than I currently am. That doesn’t bother me so much as that the top of the pole that holds the whole thing also broke – so she’s constantly at some kind of angle which makes pinning a hem really difficult on the dressform.
I’ve also sewed stuff to her by mistake. AND… being the lazyass that I AM… I just cut the fabric on the form off instead of picking out the thread.

Marie Antoinette 99% done

The pin cushion at the top never stayed in place. I don’t know if the glue came right up or it’s supposed to be like that but I never did glue it back. I just stick pins all over the form instead, which causes them to get knocked off when I take something off the form, leading to me stepping on pins.
And the metal legs are rusty.

I’m not saying anything is the fault of the maker though. Not at all. You do not know what BooBooHead has been through – besides my own rough treatment of her, she has, multiple times, been wrapped up in garbage bags and had dye and water sprayed at her (while trying to dye something else, obviously). I’m sure those garbage bags weren’t completely water tight. Who knows how much water got through and messed up the plastic inside? I know it’s the cause of the rust.

Corde In Progress

But she’s a soldier and I couldn’t do without her. Seriously, it would make making costumes 500x harder without it. I’ve very grateful to have her, cracked plastic and all.

There’s a lot of tutorials out there for making your own dressform, in case you don’t want to spend so much money on one or a commercial one doesn’t meet your needs. Dig around on a site like pinterest and you’ll find a ton of links to tutorials on making your own.

While I’ve never made my own dressform, I do have a bodycast.

Wonder Woman on my bodycast

My husband made it back in 2009, and we’ve since used it for sculpting my Wonder Woman and Hippolyta chestpieces, and my Magik armor. I also have casts of my arms, legs and head for making stuff. It’s kinda weird to have copies of my bodypieces lining our garage shelves.

Belldandy Photos

Last set of new photos – Belldandy has been updated!


Couple more new photos

Runaway Bride Donna and Glimmer have both been updated with new pics!

Donna Noble Glimmer

New Photos

I’ve updated Supergirl and AoA Rogue with new photos!

Supergirl AoA Rogue

A very long project…

I am digging through all of my old photos of my costumes and working on uploading larger, better quality versions. I’m starting with flickr and then I’ll move over to replacing the photos here on my site, and then places like facebook.

I don’t know why at some point I decided that 500px tall was plenty enough for my costume photos – and then eventually crept up to 600 – so I’m replacing what I can. Some images I simply no longer have the original file and it’s impossible (excuse me while I go back in time and kick myself), but 95% of them can be fixed. Right now I’m aiming for at least 800 on the long side, and avoiding strange crops. I’m also at some point going to rescan what I can of my non-digital photos (ah the good ol days).

What that means is that you may come across broken links/images across my portfolio and blog, since I use flickr for a lot of my hosting and replacing the image breaks the link. If you see something broken and want to alert me, just comment on the article and I’ll see it and fix it as soon as I can.

New Photos!

I’ve been adding a lot of new photos over the past few weeks!
I’ve got new pics for Batgirl, Ripley, Utena, and Belle’s blue dress! And I finally finished adding pics from Halloween to that set in the events section.


Ripley costume utena6

bat3 bat40

GMX 5 Photos!

Our photos from GMX are up!


Event section and costumes are updated with new pics!

New Costume Photos and Costume Sales

I’ve taken a ton of new costume photos lately, mostly stuff I’m selling on etsy! I think I’ve updated most of the costume pages with these, if not, they will be soon. Here’s a sampling.

w18 q20

eowyn16 r23

Fluttershy Padme's Battle Arena Costume

Mustafar Padme morrigan9

I’ve already sold a lot of these before even posting about them here! I still have a few things for sale in my etsy store though, and a couple of more to come. check it out here!
(as of this posting, battle Padme, white artbook Utena, Lady Gaga and Romana II are still available in my store, with regular Utena to come.)

Dragoncon 2013!


Dragoncon photos are up! You can see them on my flickr here, and I’ve got a more detailed blog post here!

I’ve also updated the site with my five new costumes: Romana I, Donna Noble’s Runaway Bride dress, Supergirl, Glimmer, and Trillian!

And new pics for Belle, Batgirl, Fionna, Marie Antoinette and Donna (Journey’s End)!

Updated: Dragoncon 2013 Schedule

All right! We leave for DragonCon in a week, so here’s my final costume list, and a semi-schedule.


Wednesday night:
Batgirl – private photoshoot

Early evening – Romana I for a photoshoot
Late evening – Fionna

Morning: Belle
Afternoon: Supergirl
Evening: Lady Blackhawk for Birds of Prey photoshoot
Night: Donna Noble, Runaway Bride
Late Night: Marie Antoinette TARDIS for the Doctor Who Ball

Morning: Donna Noble for the parade (not sure if wearing Journey’s End or Runaway Bride)
Afternoon: Donna Noble (whichever one I didn’t wear in the parade)
Late Afternoon/Evening: Surprise Costume
Night: Trillian
Late Night: Whatever I feel like!

Morning: Romana I
Afternoon: Batgirl or Belle
Evening: Surprise Costume
Night: Whatever I feel like!

That is so not set in stone, outside of specific costumes for photoshoots. I’m really winging it this year.

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