Can it just be time for Dragoncon yet?

Tuesday night I got nothing done. Headache was so bad I just laid on the couch and slept until I got up and went to bed.
Last night back on the horse, dyed my Donna wig slightly darker, worked on Johanna. Got the top section totally finished – yay! So now I can start on the bottom section. I didn’t take any pictures of it since it looks pretty much the same. But while I had it off the dressform I threw Donna on it so I could get a better picture:


Still reattaching the bustline trim on the left side there, but otherwise done.

Luna inspecting the giant Johanna mess in my office:


Off to update my to-do list…. I actually feel like I could get Johanna completely finished this weekend which would be amazing.

Vintage Vogue Fashion Show

Hey guys! While I still don’t have a decent idea of a costume schedule at Dragoncon, I can tell you one place I’ll be for sure – I’ll be wearing my new Anne Boleyn costume at the Vintage Vogue Fashion Show Friday at 1!

If you like costumes it should be an awesomely fun show to come see!

Broken Photos

I apologize for all the broken photos throughout my blog currently – I’m doing some flickr clean up, so those photos should be fixed soon.
Oftentimes it is only the thumbnail that is broken, so if you click through you should be able to still see the photo.

Dragoncon 2014 Schedule

I can’t believe it’s 2014. This will be my 13th DragonCon. It seems like just yesterday I was getting ready for my first one in 2002.

But, here’s some things I’m thinking of bringing:


It’s already kinda out of date since I made it. Here’s some thoughts and updates.
Anne Boleyn – from “Anne of the Thousand Days.” This is almost finished! Read up on my progress here.
Donna Noble – Doctor Who: Unicorn & the Wasp. I have a rough start on this. Read up on it here.
Peggy Carter – Captain America. Finished except for a few details! See more here.
Elsa – is probably not happening for Dragoncon – will more than likely be pushed back to Halloween.
Johanna – Catching Fire. Started on it much earlier this year but set it aside. Picking it back up soon – progress is here.
Secret Costume is Secret.

“Old”/Returning costumes: Megara (Hercules – with some updates), Marie Antoinette (with some updates), Dr Forrester. Those are the only things I know of for sure. Playing around with other ideas, but haven’t made a decision. Thinking about Donna Noble (Runaway Bride and/or Journey’s End), Trillian, Glimmer, Romana (sans cape), Belle, Wasp, etc.

Schedule? Hahaha. Yeah right.

I have absolutely no solid plans for anything this year so there is no telling where I’ll be or when I’ll be wearing what, honestly. For a planner like me, this is very distressing, but everytime I try….

Marion Ravenwood Costume Patterns Now on Sale

Hey guys! I finally got around to digging up the patterns I created for my Marion Ravenwood top. I’ve posted them on etsy as a $10 download! You get 4 pdfs of the small neckline detail piece, the front pieces, and 2 sleeve options, for you to print on heat-transfer paper!

Click the image below to go to my etsy store for more info:

Marion Ravenwood

New Costume: Megara

Added my portfolio page for my new Meg costume!

MomoCon Plans!

I’ll be at Momocon weekend after next!


I’ve never been before so I am excited!
At the moment I’m planning on bringing Donna, Belldandy, Belle, and Meg (which is new! I’ve got progress in my blog…).
Since I’ve never been I don’t know when I’ll wear what, exactly. I will hopefully wear each of those costumes at some point between Friday evening and Sunday morning. So there’s my schedule for you.

New Belle Photos

A couple of weeks ago, I had planned to do an outdoor location photoshoot with Chasing Photography of my new Belle ballgown. Well, we got rained out. So, to make up for it, we did a white backdrop shoot of four of my Belle costumes!
I’ve updated each of my portfolio pages with some of my favourites :)

b18 b7

b7 b17

Belldandy Photos

Last set of new photos – Belldandy has been updated!


Couple more new photos

Runaway Bride Donna and Glimmer have both been updated with new pics!

Donna Noble Glimmer

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