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Below you’ll find my blog posts about my Batgirl (DC Comics) “new 52″ costume, constructed in 2012.

For more photos and construction details, visit my entry on my Batgirl costume in my portfolio:

Batgirl & stuff

Saturday I got to spend a few hours as Batgirl at the Jackson Generals Superhero night! It was really fun though I absolutely burnt up!

j1 j3



I have a handful more; but all these were just taken on Chase’s iphone because I forgot my real camera at my grandma’s house!
It was super hot, I had to take several breaks to take the cowl off and cool down. I was never so glad to hear that my grandparents were ready for us to go to dinner with them — at that point I had sweat dripping down my face from under the cowl. EW

It was so hot the velcro on the back of my belt was melting off, YAY for borrowed binder clips!

Also did a little shopping Saturday – got a few more things I needed for another Dcon costume, and all the buttons for my Captain Marvel. I’m hoping to REALLY dig in over 4th of July weekend.

Got some more beading done on Donna while at my grandma’s — but don’t have pics, I’ll post one tomorrow.

Oh, and, we finally got a rug for our living room!


Here’s hoping Luna doesn’t tear it up…

Batgirl Pics

I’m in love with the shots we took on the white back drop after MCFC! There were so many I liked I had trouble weeding them down to pick out which ones to post. But here’s a few.

Batgirl Batgirl

Batgirl Batgirl

Batgirl Batgirl

My favourites are up in my portfolio and the rest are over at my flickr account.


Been busy the past few days! But Saturday we headed over to MCFC for a few hours, and it was a lot of fun. I wore Batgirl.


Although since I’d curled my hair AND it was warmer out than I’d thought it would be (thus I was quite toasty) I never wore the cowl at the con, just carried it.

We met Jess Harnell who was SUPER nice:


And shopped. It was a fun day.
We got some shots of Batgirl on the backdrop when we got home, so I’ll have those up soon, too.

And thus concludes my con season. We have nothing planned til MidSouthCon next year! Time to get stuff cleaned up and start making plans and schedules for next year’s projects….

Dragoncon Costumes: Everything Else

Thoughts & Pics on all the “old” stuff I wore this year…

1. Belle
I wore Belle Friday morning for a while. Had wanted to wear it again but didn’t get a chance. (Well, that’s a lie, there were chances… I just didn’t have the energy for it!)


I love how it looks with my Marie Antoinette hoops, and really happy with the wig now that I restyled it.

Belle Belle

If I’m going to continue wearing it with those hoops, though, I’m going to have to rehem it because it doesn’t sit right on them.
Also trying to think of a nice place I could go take pics of this… there really wasn’t anywhere within an easy indoor walking distance at Dragoncon that looked right. so I’d love to do a photoshoot of it somewhere.

2. Fionna
I wore Fionna a lot. It was comfortable, not too hot, and had flat shoes and a backpack.
Didn’t hardly take any pics of it at all, though. Like 4 all together. I was surprised that so many people asked for my pic in it – with so many Adventure Time costumes around I figured I’d just fade into the ocean of them but people still asked. So that was nice.

dc22 photo 5.JPG

Also my new sword was fun and I had a lot of people recognize it. Plus it tucked easily into my backpack.
Thinking about helping Kevin put together a Finn costume for GMX to match my Fionna. That would be fun.

3. Donna Noble – Journey’s End
I only brought this to wear in the parade and for our John Barrowman photo-op, but I ended up wearing it a lot more than I planned. I wore it Friday afternoon, the parade, and then most of Sunday day. Even though that coat made it rather hot to wear, it’s still the easiest thing to put on – no wig, pockets, flat shoes.

dc54 dc123


I didn’t actually DO my Donna hair at all this year. I have to roll my hair the night before – and then back comb the hell out of it – to try to get the fullness Catherine Tate has. Didn’t go through all that this year and it really doesn’t look that much different which makes me wonder why I’ve gone through that pain (especially at Dragoncon!) previously. Which is yet another reason I’m thinking of getting a wig for Donna. I could use it when I don’t feel like messing with the hair.

4. Lady Blackhawk
I missed the BoP shoot :( Was really looking forward to it but I had the time wrong down in my planner and it ended up conflicting with a costume shoot I’d promised to help Chase with. So I didn’t wear her until Sunday, and then only for a bit as we walked through the dealer’s room.
But, I’m super happy with the new gold buttons on the jacket. They look much better than the black.

dc113 dc114

5. Marie Antoinette TARDIS
I spent most of my time in this costume sitting on the floor playing on my phone.
We waited in line for the Doctor Who ball for about 45 minutes, then spent about 25 minutes or so in the ball itself, and then left. LOL.
It was really just too dark and loud in there – I guess with “ball” I expected something less rave-like, but it didn’t really give an opportunity to look at the costumes there or to talk to anyone. But the main reason we didn’t stay long was K9 – I guess we could have just parked him in a corner, but I was worried about people tripping over him in the dark.

dc48 dc42

I like my new windows SOOOO much better. And I ironed my TARDIS skirt for the first time ever, LOL.

dc44 dc46

6. Batgirl
Finally – Batgirl. I only wore it Wednesday night — BUT… you know how sometimes you get THE picture of your costume you wanted and you’re pretty much satisfied with it? I mean, I got THE picture I wanted of Alyss at Dragoncon 2010 and because of that I’ve never worn it again. (maybe I should take Alyss to GMX…)
But yeah, this picture makes me happy with Batgirl. This is the pic I wanted.


Moving that bat symbol up 2 inches made a WORLD of difference in the way the suit looks. I like my new belt, and even though Chase wants to remake my gauntlets again, I was pretty happy with those, too.

bat10 bat4

And post-photoshoot…

photo 2.JPG

So all of those are also updated in my portfolio as well!

(I took Emma Frost, but never wore it. I was going to wear it Sunday but ended up wearing Lady Blackhawk and Donna during the time I was going to wear it. And I’d even fixed the cape fixtures! Maybe I’ll take her to GMX, too… good grief at this rate I’m taking 20 costumes to GMX.)

More from yesterday

SO I already posted about yesterday a bit, but here’s some more.

I was up really early yesterday thanks to a migraine, so I got up and ran out and bought a garment rack. It’s been driving me crazy and holding up my packing progress to not be able to bring my costumes I need to hang up into the living room where I’m packing. Here’s what I got:


I spent a little more to get one that wasn’t cheap plastic so hopefully I can use it in my office in the future.

And in use..

Garment rack

Chase has been sculpting new Batgirl gauntlets for me. I love how these are looking.

Batgirl gauntlet

I got a lot more packed yesterday, and fixed a couple of issues I had on Emma – namely, the fact that the way I had to hook the cape onto the corset last year completely failed and I ended up safety pinning it. I replaced it with something that shouldn’t be an issue this year. I also added an extension to the top of the briefs, because I didn’t like that there was a gap between them and the corset.
While I had Emma out, I discovered a large stain at the hem of the (white) cape. About the size of a basketball. Looks like soda, maybe, or – considering last time it was out was Dragoncon, it was probably beer. Well my mom has been singing the virtues of this “Grandma’s Stain Remover” they sell at Hancocks, and I finally picked some up last week, so I thought this would be a good test for it. 5 minutes later the stain was completely gone and my cape is back to pristine white, so I’m pretty impressed.

On my to-do list, I had “re-inforce Marie Antoinette TARDIS windows” because I’ve never liked how floppy they are. I pulled them out yesterday and just decided to completely remake them.

Tardis window panes

The new in-progress in the front, and the old in the back. I found some left-over Sleeping Beauty fabric and used that for the white areas, and leftover taffeta for blue sections. So now it all matches, they’re not floppy (used my stiffest interfacing!) and not overly shiny anymore.
I also straightened up the wig a bit, it was beginning to look a little lop-sided at GMX last year. I wish I could remake the hat, but I don’t think I’m going to have time and funds for that.

On and on… I found what was left of my yellow taffeta from Belle and made four new swags, which are all on the side and back. I didn’t take a picture, but I’m quite happy with it.

So I was a busy little bee yesterday. I blame my hair.


After my haircut yesterday, Frankie put my hair up in this really cute bun. It was really comfortable and sturdy (I took a nap in it!), and kept my hair out of my way of working all day. This pic was taken at 10pm before I finally took it down. I’m going to try it myself today, he didn’t make it look terribly difficult but obviously he’s much better at dealing with hair than I am.
And then the “after”:

4 Day Weekend

I had a 4 Day Weekend this past weekend – I had Thursday and Friday off to sew. I didn’t get much of anything done because I’ve had so little to work on.

Today is also the 5th day in a row I’ve woken up with a migraine. I mean, my medicine takes care of it in like 15 minutes, but it’s still a pain. I’ve never had one longer than 3 days, unless it moves to the other side of my head, in which case it’s usually 4. I think my body is just playing catch up since I haven’t had a full on migraine since around May. Really, though, it’s the weather – we had lots of storms over the past few days and the temps dropped, so it’s been super nice out, but those changes are such a migraine trigger for me.

Anyway. We had Kevin this weekend, too, so since I missed out going to the Pink Palace (the Memphis museum) last week with Ash, I took Kevin this Friday. We had a lot of fun, I’ll post some pictures later.

In work news, I have no pictures to show. I re-dyed some things, and worked on my Romana I boots (they’re nearly done). I worked on Chase’s pants for one of his costumes, and some gloves for him.
I did a lot of embroidery too, HBOGo has a lot of great movies on right now so I took advantage of it and started embroidering my corset for the 4th costume. I’m apparently a masochist. Going through all those layers and leather requires a heavy duty thimble and pliers. Why didn’t I do this before I attached the outer layer? I don’t know. But it looks great.

The main thing I did yesterday was to very carefully remove the Batgirl symbol from the bodysuit. It was set too low last year and I kept having to yank the suit up so it would stay “kind of” in place. I took it off and moved it up about an inch-and-a-half, got it all done last night which I’m glad.


See? And that was yanked up, it would inch its way back down so that it was on the underside of my chest after a minute or two. Now it’s fixed.
I also fixed some stupid mistakes I made on the suit last year. I wasn’t thinking when I started putting all of the pieces of the suit together and used a straight stitch. All those straight stitch starting coming apart. I went back last year and zig-zagged what I thought would be the worst ones, but I didn’t mess with the ones along the side for whatever reason. And of course ended up with a hole in my suit at Dragoncon last year. So I went back and fixed the hole and zig-zag stitched all of those pieces. Should be good now.

For Batgirl, Chase is re-doing my gauntlets, and I’m remaking the belt. The belt had all this great stitching on it that completely disappeared in photos, so I’m going to make a new belt out of leather (one that fits a little more flattering, and create the separate pieces so it’s more obvious). I’m excited to have it all fixed, though… after all the work I put into the suit last year I’m going to be excited to have all the pieces up to the same level of pride and get some good photos finally. Going to do a night-time photoshoot, not sure what night at the con yet, but I’m happy!

Today, I’m making a giant to-do list. Trying to put every single thing I can think of on it, and then creating a calendar of what needs to be finished and when. This is the kind of thing I do. I’m a list-maker, I can’t help it.

Finished Costume: Batgirl


Dragoncon 2012 Recap!!

My 11th Dragoncon is in the books and it was another great year!

So here’s my little report/pics/whatever you want to call it.
We got into Atlanta Wednesday morning, got checked in and unpacked.

Our Room

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New Costume: Batgirl


A Proper To-Do List

Finish styling wig
Make hair decorations
Attach roses

attach bat to front of belt
put pin back on bat for the cape

Cut metal decorative pieces off swimsuit bottoms
make straps for cape

Check for any needed repairs

Slave Leia:
check for anhy needed repairs

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