Marvel Girl

Jean Grey – X-Men (Marvel Girl)

Made for: Dragoncon 2009

Background: Since we had the form we’d made for my Huntress mask, I thought I’d take advantage of it and reuse it :) This was a fun, simple little project! (And a nice break from working on Anne Boleyn.)

Journal Entries: Read more at my Marvel Girl tag

Patterns Used: Kwik Sew 2004

Dress: I made the dress using an ice-skating leotard pattern, out of green spandex. It’s also lined in the same fabric. I just baaarely had enough fabric so had to add a seam to the skirt but other than that and adding the lining, no changes from the actual pattern.

Boots: I made boot covers for a pair of boots I already had, out of yellow spandex. They’re sewn in place onto the boot, and I’ve since reused these for my Wasp costume as well.

Mask: My husband made the mask for me, same as my Huntress mask – vac-formed plastic over my headcast, and painted. I glued ribbons to each side that I can tie and pin on before putting my wig on.

Accessories: I used my Rogue gloves and made cuffs for them (interfacing and yellow spandex), and bought a belt and covered it in fabric. The belt buckle I bought online. The wig was my Dark Phoenix wig. (I had wanted a new one for this, but still haven’t gotten one!)

History: It was a simple, comfy costume :) I’ve only worn this once more, for a photoshoot. I almost took it to Dragoncon 2013 but it didn’t quite fit. One of these days I’ll wear it again.

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Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) In-Progress

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