Wonder Woman’s Kingdom Come Armor

Wonder Woman – DC Comics (Kingdom Come Battle Armor)

Made for: Dragoncon 2007

Background: My dream costume for yeeeears. I remember talking to my husband about it when we were on our first date! He promised he’d help me build it, and here it is :)

Journal Entries: Read more at my Kingdom Come Wonder Woman tag

We began work in summer of 2006, put it on hold while my (now) husband moved, and just completed it in time for Dragoncon 2007.
Patterns Used: Possibly a very altered McCalls 3636 or McCalls 2799

Helmet: My husband began sculpting the helmet out of clay – he took the measurements of my head and sculpted the helmet around a padded out wighead. He made a mold of the finished sculpt, and cast it in resin. Then cleaned up the cast, primered it, and painted it. The back feathers were made of lightweight plastic, also painted and attached – same for the chin piece, which is removeable – it velcros on either side.

Wings: The wings were made of housing insulation foam. We blew-up and re-drew an image of one of the wings and printed it, which we then cut apart and used as a pattern for cutting out the wings, and carving the feather patterns. They were each coated and sealed, then painted. I wear a harness under the bodice, which the wings slide onto. I wanted them to look just like the action figure wings and I think I got pretty close.

Dress: The dress is two pieces, a bodice and skirt. I used a nice gold garment-weight leather I bought online. I used a pattern as a basis for the bodice — I made a mockup first, and lengthened it, and created the neck/shoulder area, then used the mockup as a pattern for cutting out the real material. I used the mockup as the lining, put the boning and grommets in. The skirt I went through many, many stages of mockups before finally deciding what I wanted to do — I used that final mockup as a pattern for cutting out the real stuff, again. The “WW” chest piece we made a pattern for, cut out, and then we opted to glue it to the bodice instead of sewing – the gold thread looked too different on top, and I didn’t care for how it looked.

Accessories: The belt buckle and metal shoulder pieces I bought at Tandy and painted, and the belt is gold belting from Hancock Fabrics. The cape I made just by draping my fabric over the dressform, cutting and pinning and finally hemming. It velcros into the bodice. The gauntlets were my regular Wonder Woman gauntlets.

Shoes/Shinguards The shinguards were sculpted and cast. My sandals I bought on ebay. I replaced them with a pair of boots in 2009 – just a pair I bought at goodwill and covered in scraps of my leftover gold leather.

Weaponry: The spear was made of a pipe from Home Depot, and the spear point out of foam. The shield was a metal sled, with the holes filled in, armstraps attached on the back, and we had a vinyl decal printed of the shield design, and affixed that to the front. She also has a sword in this variation, but I was already so bulky and had my hands full, we opted to leave it out.

History: One of my all time fav costumes. So proud of it.

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  • Laura

    That’s gorgeous! Do you mind if I ask what pattern you used for the bodice? I’m researching options for Astro City’s Winged Victory, and that looks like it might be a viable option.

    September 17, 2013
    • kelldar

      Am I also replying to you on tumblr right now? LOL First thank you! This particular pattern was based off an fashion corset pattern and just redrew it out to come over the shoulder. Looking at my patterns I’m guessing it was probably Mccall’s 2799:
      So that’s not particularly helpful but a good place to start :)

      September 17, 2013

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